New Burial Plots Available Soon
Lake View Cemetery will be offering both green burial and pet
cemetery plots in the near future. If you are interested in either of
these services, please call 906-337-2510 for further details.


Granite Memorials

Lake View Cemetery now offers the highest quality granite memorials for delivery and installation within the four county area (Keweenaw, Houghton, Baraga and Ontonagon). When the time is right and you and your family are ready to choose a memorial, contact the Lake View Cemetery office to walk through the process of creating a memorial that is both unique and personal to your loved one. Memorial features to consider, include: Granite Color, Memorial Style, Type of Lettering and Customization.

For more information, visit our Monuments and Memorials page, or view our brochure


Memorial Cleaning

Natural stone materials such as limestone, marble, granite, slate and sandstone are all susceptible to a wide variety of organic contaminants. Mosses, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, acidic bird droppings and windblown dirt can frequently be found covering, and growing on, memorials each year.

If your interested in having a memorial cleaned, contact the LVC Office to schedule a consultation.

Deep Cleaning

After an inspection is completed, the cleaning process can begin. The surface of the memorial is saturated in water and a mild degreasing agent is applied. The memorial is hand scrubbed using a soft bristle brush. Various detailing tools are used to clean recessed areas in the stone and around lettering.

If your memorial is approved for the use of pressurized water, this technique will be used to clean creases, corners and surface staining. Extreme care will be provided to the memorial during each step of the cleaning process.

For more information, view our brochure.


Burial Plot Ground Restoration

Over time and through each Copper Country season, ongoing environmental changes affect our cemetery grounds. Frost, erosion, tree root expansion, severe heat and subsoil changes from burials can lead to uneven turf and poor grass growth. The staff at Lake View Cemetery is dedicated to providing continual grounds maintenance for families of the interred and to the many visitors that search our 140 acres each year.

What does Ground Restoration include?
Ground restoration of your loved one's burial plot includes all processes necessary for new turf growth. These include:

New grass will be watered to promote root development over the course of two (2) growing seasons.

For more information, view our brochure.


Perpetual Floral Decoration Agreement

The Lake View Cemetery Perpetual Decoration Agreement is a one-time charge per decoration with no more than two (2) decorations on any one burial plot.

Decorations are ordered by the cemetery and placed at memorials when weather permits. The decorations are cared for throughout summer by cemetery personnel and removed in early October.

For more information, view our brochure.


Columbarium for Urn Interments

Lake View Cemetery offers an outdoor columbarium for the interment of cremains. Each individual niche is constructed of weather-resistant materials and permanently sealed with interior (plastic) and exterior (granite) compartment covers.

Memorial Plaque
Your loved one(s) will be memorialized with a permanent plaque that includes their name(s) and birth & death dates. The last name is displayed in the center of the plaque for ease of identification and respectful prominence.

Decorative Cast Bronze
Each memorial plaque is cast in lifetime bronze with raised lettering and a classic brown finish. A rose and leaf motif tastefully adorns each corner of the cross-like plaque for added beauty.

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Use of chapel at no extra charge.

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Contact the Cemetery Office for more information.

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